The platform which built a network of used car dealers in developing countries


In the United States, there are too many cars on lease, and when they come off lease, they have to be sold through various channels.

American car market cannot absorb the number of new cars with all amount used cars. That's a real problem for the economy, ecological.

Charlottesville VA, USA
My Role
User Experience
Visual Design
Interaction Design

We had a small team — 1 designer (my position), 1 strategist - project manager, 1 business analyst, 1 driver (car racing), and 1 data scientist.

All in time for one month

I had to go into the project, study all aspects, understand all the existing and upcoming problems, create several web application concepts and made a project presentation for the Volkswagen Head Office in Washington, present it with the team, get a contract that will contribute to the further development of the project.

The outcome

We designed an easy-to-navigate mobile-friendly online platform, which makes the process of viewing, searching, purchasing, and tracking cars as simple as possible.

In the end, Volkswagen liked our project, and we managed to sign a contract.


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